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"Burnoutproof Tech Founder" 5-Day Challenge Presented By Angela Shurina, Executive Brain Coach. JUNE 19th-23rd.

Attention: Are You Tired of Feeling Tired?
Of Unreliable Productivity and Motivation?
Overwhelm and Focus That Doesn't Last?


"Give Me Just 60 Minutes A Day
And Over The Next 5 Days I’ll Show You How To

Set Yourself Up for Burnoutproof Days

To Build A Business And Life
That You’re Excited About WITHOUT Exhaustion!"

(This Can Work Even If You Currently Are Tired All The Time, Often Lose Motivation, Procrastinate, Struggle with Focus, Overwhelm, ADHD,
You Hate Meditation, Rigid Routines, and
Have NO Time for Anything BUT Work!) 

Challenge Starts In:




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Join The ‘Your First Funnel Challenge’ For FREE And Learn From The Top 1% Of Entrepreneurs On How To Take Your Idea And Turn It Into A Highly-Profitable Business!

Have you ever felt UNSTOPPABLE?

Focused, in the zone, clear, knowing what to do and how to do it?

Would you like to feel like that ON-DEMAND?

Sharp, dialed-in, knocking out tasks one by one?

With Special Surprise Guest,

Daymond John!


Want To Know The FIRST Thing Daymond Would Do If He Agreed To Invest In Your Business...?

You guessed it... he’d build you a funnel!

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'Burnoutproof Tech Founder' Challenge Will Teach You Step-By-Step

How To Set up A Simple, Science-Based Routine To Feel Driven, Motivated, Focused To Achieve Results Faster WITHOUT  Losing your Health and sleep💡...

...feeling Tired, Fatigued and frustrated with your own self, feeling Like You Are always falling behind with
your goals, dreams and aspirations, living half a life
(most of it in your head)!

Here’s What You’ll Learn:


High-Energy Daily Flow

Have you ever wondered, what you could accomplish if you had high energy from the moment you wake up till you go to bed?

If your energy lasted the entire day without spikes and crashes?

If you came around quicker and didn't struggle with midday or morning productivity? Pushing yourself from one cup of coffee to another, not being able to fall asleep with racing thoughts at night?

What if you had control over your energy without the need of any stimulants that always backfire and lead to burnout?

Dialed-in, focused, calm and clear.
What could you do with that?

  • Morning Kickstarter Formula - start strong to finish strong - calm, alert, fresh and focused.
  • Midday Refresher - a simple science-backed routine to make your energy last the whole day! No need for coffee pick-me-up - there are smarter ways!
  • Evening Chill - or how to stop a racing mind, relax the body and mind to take advantage of the most restorative, burnout-preventing tool - your sleep, to keep going after it day after day with excitement and joy!


The BIG 4 - The 80/20 of Health

Energy is the currency of life and success.

Do you wake up each morning full of energy and excitement about your day ahead?

Or you barely make it out of bed and it takes you a while to get started, STILL feeling not ready for action?

When you think about it, when you have those high-energy days, when you feel like the sky is not the limit, do you naturally do more, procrastinate less, need less coffee and feel less stressed, have more awesome ideas and just enjoy your life a lot more?


It’s ALL about energy!
Or as my favorite Navy Seal commander says, "energy management".

Let’s learn how to make more energy every day to fuel your best ideas and business success - and awesome life WITHOUT a trace of burnout!

  • 4-Pillar High-Energy Lifestyle - daily habits to make more energy in your cells. Simplified to 80/20!
  • Sleep, Movement, Light Exposure, Nutrition Simplified - your big 4 and what truly matters for daily energy based on current research.
  • Brain Nutrition 101 - feeding your motivation, focus and memory WITHOUT burnout. (AND Everyone's favorite - "No Blue Moods with these 5 foods")


10X Your Workflow

What if I told you with all the hours you put in - you are STILL not working well enough for your high-hard goal?

YES! EVEN with all the burnouts.
(‼️Burnout isn't a sign of hard work.
It's a sign of poor self-management.)

Just like in the gym some people “train” their whole life and get tiny results without the right system and effective approach, some entrepreneurs work themselves into self-destruction and STILL not seeing much progress!

It’s not just the effort - it’s also about the right system to apply that effort.

What if you could easily get focused fast and stay focused for hours on any piece of work you need to accomplish?

What if your focus was on-demand like Netflix?

You’d probably spend much fewer hours working WHILE achieving BETTER results.

What if you knew how to set up conditions for flow states? For your ZONE of GENIUS? So you could do 2-5X of your daily workload faster?

What if your mind was never in your way with countless distracting thoughts and rabbit holes?
Do you think you'd be THAT behind and frustrated with your daily accomplishments?

True productivity isn't about your AI skills.
True productivity is about CLARITY of the right action and unstoppable execution.

  • Flow State Design - 4-step formula to jump-start your daily flow.
  • Focused Workplace Setup - how to bulletproof your environment to make distractions irrelevant and focus inevitable.
  • Focus Primer - a 2-step mini ritual to get your brain clear and focused on your most important task VS pursuing one rabbit hole after another.


Becoming Unstoppable You

Do you ever find yourself excited about all your goals and to-do lists only to later find yourself struggling with fatigue, anxiety, overload, having done just a fraction of it?

Can I really do this?
Am I cut out for this?
Is it always gonna be that hard?

Prolific, productive, accomplished entrepreneurs who build great things and enjoy their life have one thing in common - they don’t look for less stress and challenges, they learn how to manage more of them well.

That’s where working smarter and strategic recovery come in!

The great thing about the present moment - advancements in technology and neuroscience research have all the tools to at least double your productivity, without you having to work crazy hours, losing sleep and life in a perpetual state of over-caffeination.

You will be challenged more as you progress and demand more from life and yourself - and you absolutely have to learn how to recover better to handle this.
Just like any elite athlete does.

  • No-More Burnout - Work-Rest daily flow that prevents burnout from happening, killing your progress and momentum, making you hate your life.
  • The science of strategic breaks - prevent work fatigue from settling - accomplish more, feeling energized with science-backed "brain refreshers".
  • Daily Stress Management 101 - learning to make anxiety, and stress work for your productivity VS slowing you down. It's not the amount of stress that's thrown at you that matters - it's how you handle it.


Brain of a Joyful Leader

Do you often feel stressed when things don’t go as planned?

Do you often feel overwhelmed with all the things that are out of your control you have to take care of as a leader?

Do you often feel like no matter how much you do, you can’t enjoy any of it? You are just never satisfied with … yourself?

Or perhaps, you believe, that being perpetually stressed is a part of an entrepreneur's journey?

Your BIGGEST stress might be your poor mindset.
Let’s fix it!

  • 2-Step Uncertainty Management Protocol - define a clear zone of control, increase the feeling of control in the midst of daily uncertainty, lower anxiety instantly.
  • “Living in the Gain” Mindset Adjustment Tool - it’s not what you do that makes you feel accomplished, it’s where you look.
  • “Be the Lion” Empowering-Stress Framework - from the leading stress researcher, let’s learn how to become stronger and fitter through stress VS becoming a replaceable weakling.

What Are You Waiting For?!

Let's set you up for UNSTOPPABLE!
To start feeling POWERFUL, excited about every single day, focused on building cool things, fully living every moment, present and on your terms, going to bed every night feeling like this was the “BEST DAY EVER” - accomplished and grateful.

Ready To Become Burnoutproof and Unstoppable for Business and Life on YOUR TERMS In Just 5 Days?

What You Can Expect

From The 'Burnoutproof Tech Founder' Challenge!

BeforeThe Challenge

  • You often struggle with energy, motivation, regular procrastination that steals your business momentum and exciting life - it's all kind of stressful or boring or overwhelming;
  • Your sleep, your fitness and eating habits are inconsistent and your energy levels are all over the place - your life frustrations seem to follow the same pattern;
  • Your focus is a struggle and productivity is hard to schedule and predict - you often feel like you are falling behind in life, not fulfilling your own expectations!

AfterThe Challenge

  • You know how naturally boost and optimize your motivation, and procrastination is becoming a thing of your past - you start feeling like a true captain of your life;
  • You have your own, personalized dialed-in lifestyle and work routine that gives you balanced energy levels and confidence to accomplish any goal you set for yourself - you know exactly what keeps your "batteries" charged!
  • You know how to focus fast and long to knock out the most important tasks one-by-one in the order aligned with your life and business priorities - you finally start feeling like you are SATISFIED with your day and can't wait to begin another! AND you finally feel like you can handle ANYTHING life throws your way without overwhelm or self-destruction. LIMITLESS!

Here’s Everything You Get

When You SIGN UP NOW For The
'Burnoutproof Tech Founder' Challenge!

  • FREE! 5-Day LIVE Experience with me, your brain’s coach Angela, who coached hundreds of entrepreneurs to wire the brain for accelerated progress with personal, business and health and fitness goals - together we'll work to rewire your brain to succeed WITHOUT destroying yourself and your life, using latest neuroscience, health and productivity research;
  • FREE! Hundreds of books, podcasts, research papers and interviews with guest-experts distilled, curated and put into simple protocols, rituals and formulas that you can apply without spending hours, days and years on your own research, and applying non-essential, over-complicated rituals nobody needs;
  • FREE! Habit-building accelerator and advanced self-coaching strategies I’ve learned over 12+ years of my coaching career BOOSTED with the most recent research and practices of elite performers in sport and business, that together will allow you to stick with what we learn long-term and change in days VS years.


  • FREE! Lifetime access to our private Facebook community where you connect with like-minded, ambitious dreamers and makers, committed to elevate their skills and mindsets to live life on their terms AND access to weekly Q&As I’ll host in the group - I’ll update you on the latest research and answer your questions about the implementation of all the toolkits we’ll learn together.
  • FREE! Cliffs notes of all the lessons, protocols and formulas we’ll learn - you’ll have a simple plan of action, and knowledge to review in an easy-digestible format. AND you’ll get a FREE COPY of my latest book, “Fit-and-Focused Brain-Body Blueprint for Remote Pros and Digital Nomads: Neuroscience-based routines, hacks and habits to stay productive, healthy and fit anywhere” - to succeed in our distributed FREE world of work.
  • FREE!
    Prizes and Giveaways - get a chance to WIN 🏆 $40 000 of value - free access to our upcoming 6-Week Optimized Brain Mastermind, our upcoming 5-Day Happy-Brain Get-Jacked VIP challenge, 1-on-1 Entrepreneur Brain Optimized calls.

Normally: $5,000Value

Today:100% FREE!


5-Day Virtual Event: 'Burnoutproof Tech Founder' Challenge!


June 19th-23th, Monday - Friday
@ 12:00 PM EST


Because this is YOUR time to live UNSTOPPABLE!

Now’s The Time To Act!

Ready To Learn how to Wire Your Brain to Succeed In life and business Faster WITHOUT Burnout, Procrastination, Lack of Focus and Motivation In Just 5 Days?

Did I mention that this experience is gonna be gamified and super FUN?
And you'll be among ambitious, driven, like-minded outliers-entrepreneurs who are 100% committed to supercharge their progress and catapult towards their goals at more speed?
Are you ready to change NOW? 


Throughout my life I’ve always been passionately curious about this question - “What’s my potential? How can I reach it?”

And the only insight into that was my dreams, my ideas, my visions of the world I wanted to build.

How do I make real what I feel and see ONLY in my head?

I started following experts of self-optimization and much-less-known scientists - anyone from Tim Ferriss to Andrew Huberman and Peter Attia, Dave Asprey to James Clear, Emily Balcetis, Satchin Panda, Samer Hattar, Rhonda Patrick ... health, gut, fitness, psychology and coaching experts, at the same time going through many coaching certifications, coaching high-performing entrepreneurs, leaders and athletes in health, nutrition, fitness and performance.

After a while I realized that the only consistent way to change ourselves,
to change our lives and eventually the world - is to rely on the science of how our brain does what it does - neuroscience.

After all - it’s all in the brain🧠

I started interviewing researchers, writing about the topic, applying it in my life and while coaching my clients
- and that’s how I got here, with a clear system to follow, to deliver your brain’s genius into this world.

It helped me to start giving talks (being afraid of camera prior). I wrote a book, developed confidence to reach out to many companies and brands for collaborations, learned to adapt rapidly while living around the world (15+ countries) - now I’m working on the final frontier of this change, building a massive business while helping thousands and millions of people, and eventually changing systems of the world so we all do better.

I spent years to produce this system and now you, IN A SHORT PERIOD OF TIME, using this work, can completely blow your mind with your transformation, while building a business that truly matters, that inspires, that will change our lives.

Brain, Optimal Performance, Health Coach; Nutritionist, Speaker, Podcaster & Author,
Angela Shurina is an IT professional/economist turned certified nutritionist, health, performance, recovery and fitness coach (15+ years in coaching), facilitator specializing in flow states and optimal performance, speaker, educator, blogger and podcaster. Angela is the author of the book “Fit-and-Focused Brain-Body Blueprint for Remote Pros and Digital Nomads: Neuroscience-based routines, hacks and habits to stay productive, healthy and fit anywhere”

Align Your 🧠 Brain with
Your Ambition